• Kings Blood

    16 Jun , 2016

    re·la·tion·shiprəˈlāSH(ə)nˌSHip/ Noun “the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.” Spending the day taking photos with King and Frances Shaw, you quickly gain the sense that the pair embody more than the first definition given by the dictionary as it pertains to relationship. A more fitting alternative definition of the bond they share as a relationship would be; “the...


  • GA Route Review: Patterson Gap

    01 Jun , 2016

    Patterson Gap Road : Fire Service Road ( map ) Riding Difficulty 2 out of 5 Vehicles taken on this trip: Mark: YAMAHA SR 500 - instagramBobby: BMW R75/5 - instagramJared: BMW R100/7 - instagramMatthew: Subaru Forester - instagram The four of us had initially planned to venture out to the desert to join up with everyone for Motos in Moab but were unable to sift through some of our...


  • Member Profile - Ash Grimes

    23 May , 2016

     How long have you been riding motorcycles?Well, I have been riding dirtbikes since I was a little kid. All of the helmets that I used to wear were all way to big for me and never fit, but I used to ride out in the country and it was what we used to do for fun. I bought my first street motorcycle about 5 years ago. I actually did...


  • Member Profile - Frankie

    16 May , 2016

    We met Frankie for the first time outside of a coffee shop in East Atlanta on an old Airhead. He had an R75 that he had just got back on a cross country trip on. He did the whole thing with an open face helmet and he looks like he could be straight out of the movie Grease. He’s since grown to be a great friend of Brother Moto and...


  • Member Profile - Graydon

    28 Apr , 2016

    Graydon Gordian has been one of our members from day one. He has a really unique story about how he got involved at Brother Moto and it’s been really great to see him become such an integral part of our community. He laughs a lot and has one of those laughs that is really infectious. He lives in Atlanta in an old school house converted loft. I promise we didn’t...