Brother Moto offers a fully functioning shop with the tools to maintain and customize your motorcycle.
We would love for you to be a part of our community.

Atlanta motorcycle repair, diy services garage

What Plan is right for you?

Blue Level Membership:
This is perfect for the weekend moto-enthusiast who enjoys the social aspect of motorcycles and doesn't mind doing a little wrenching themselves. Come be a part of our community and attend members only workshops / events. Get full access to our community hand tools and roll in work space. This level of Membership does not include the following perks. Each perk can be added on for the rate listed.
  • - Bike Storage - $5 a day
  • - Oil Disposal - $5
  • - Change Battery Disposal - $5 a battery
  • - Tire Change - $25 on tire machine ( includes disposal fee )
  • - Tire Disposal - $5 a tire if done by hand
  • - Lift time - $10 an hour
  • - 1-on-1 pro help $60/hr
    Gold Level Memberships
    This level of membership is perfect for the individual who has a project that needs some extra loving. Store your bike in our facility, drink our coffee, use our tools, and most importantly hang with a great community.
    • - No added fees.
    • - Our space is your space ( During open hours of course ).
    • - Free Commuter cup of coffee. Every single day.
    • - Access to group only events and workshops.
    • - 10% off all bike parts.

      Questions and answers

      Can I gift someone a membership? Yes! You can purchase credit towards a membership for that special someone here.

      Are you a repair shop, can you do the work for me? - Nope, sorry we are not a repair shop. Our goal is to provide a welcoming environment for people that want to work on their own bikes. 

      Will a mechanic help me? - We love to give some free advice on issues and will sometimes give a helping hand. If something seems over your head, or you would rather have a little extra help from an expert to show you how to fix your issue, you can schedule 1-on-1 time that will cost extra by the hour. 

      When will I be charged? - Your membership renews every month on the 5th. The card used for signing up will be charged.

      Can I pay in cash? - Sorry, currently you must sign up using a credit or debit card.

      I did not use the space this month / Can I get a refund? - The short answer is no. We do our best to be flexible and open reasonable hours, but it is up to you to take advantage of the space and events. 

      Can I move between plans? - Yes. At any time you can move between plans with no setup fee. just login to your account and choose the plan you wish to have.

      Can I can cancel my plan?  Yep. Just let us know at or in person. Sorry no refunds will be given.

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