Sam Stewart as a kid on a motorcycle

"Brother Story" - Sam

Our member Zach had the idea to put together a video showing the contrast between someone's day job/life and who they become outside of that.

This is Sam's Story

Sam's Triumph Bonneville

What do you do for a living Sam?
"I’m a Fixed Operations Director for an Atlanta based automotive group. That means I oversee parts, service, and collision operations at an automotive dealership."

Do you work on your own bikes?
"I have always been somewhat mechanically inclined which is what got me into my current field. I’ve repaired, built, and rebuilt vehicles for over 20 years including off-road trucks, cars, and bikes. I started really riding in earnest around 2005 and have been working on my own bikes since. I’ve owned a lot of bikes of many different kinds; including big adventure bikes, super sporty bikes, and vintage. One of my favorite things to do is get an old bike that’s been sitting and bring it back to life."

What do you ride now?
"Currently in my garage I have a 2016 Triumph Bonneville T120 (commuter, long distance ride), a 1973 Honda CL450 that I got from the original owner, a 1968 Honda CT90 (Trail 90) with a Lifan 125cc engine, and the bike in the video, a 1971 Triumph TR6R Tiger (classic British reverse side shift and single carb goodness). I try to ride as much as I can between working a lot of hours and dad-life/family life. What keeps me riding is the feeling. It is so freeing, mentally and physically. Whether it’s a fun city cruise to one of my fav local bars with some friends, or a long winding mountain road, there really is nothing like the feeling of being on a motorcycle."


Sam is a rad guy who loves his family, friends and always willing to chat with a stranger. He has been a huge part of the wrenching community here in Atlanta. Don't be mistaken when he pulls up in his tightly buttoned suit though. 

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Thank's Micah and Prescott for the cookout at Micah's shop.
Video by: Zach Holben -
Shot on: BMPCC4K on vintage Super-Takumar and Sigma Art Primes