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We are super honored that you would think to reach out to us about starting something up like what we are doing here n Atlanta. We are also very much humbled that you are trusting us enough to think we have some things to contribute to this conversation about Motorcycle Co-Op's and motorcycle culture in general.

We get asked these types of questions a lot, and in the near future we are looking into franchising this concept to other cities. We are researching all markets and entertaining the idea of bringing this to a few different cities and as this is the case, we would not be able to divulge too much about our process or what our business model looks like. This is in part to protect potential franchisees but also because we have a strong fear of setting you down the wrong path. Every market and city is different so we would hate to speak into what could work for you directly.

If you are interested in becoming a Brother Moto franchise, then we would love to chat more about what that looks like as we grow and develop this process. The best way to stay in touch with us for this type of info would be to sign up for the mailing list.

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