About Us

Due to Covid-19, we have shut down our physical location and will be re-locating. UPDATED 10/11/2021

Since opening their doors in 2014, Brother Moto has cultivated a devoted fan base of both veterans and newcomers. As they put it, their goal is to "provide the space and resources for the D.I.Y. spirited to build, grow, explore, and create."

For many, the phrase “motorcycle crew” is intimidating, but Brother Moto is working hard to change that. They’re not interested in tough guy posturing; instead, they’re all about enjoying the ride, learning new things, and brewing up some mighty fine coffee along the way. Forever Mild—it’s a lifestyle.

Above all, Brother Moto subscribes to the belief that it's more fun to work in the company of others, and judging by the loyalty of their homegrown community of tinkerers, moto enthusiasts, and coffee connoisseurs, they're onto something. Their business was born from a desire for a dedicated space to work on bikes, share knowledge, and meet like-minded people. The crew has grown in size over the years, but the premise remains unchanged.