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We didn't plan on starting a company. We just needed a place to work on our motorcycles.

Brother Moto is a community based Do-It-Yourself (D.I.Y.) Garage, coffee shop and motorcycle lifestyle goods brand in Atlanta GA. Our goal is to allow for people of all skill levels to have the ability to work on their own bikes with the right tools at a low monthly membership cost. A by-product of this shared space has been an amazing community of all ages and walks of life that find a common ground in motorcycles. We provide a lifestyle retail experience and coffee program to encourage the general public and moto-curious to come into our space and for us to remain inclusive and open to the public.

Ultimately, we hope you come on in and ask questions about motorcycles, drink our coffee, and leave with a bag full of goods that will help you explore the world around you.

"You don't have to own a motorcycle
to love Brother Moto"

Wrench, Ride, Learn

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Serving some of Atlanta's best Coffee.

You don't have to care about motorcylces to  enjoy Brother Moto. Check out our full Menu Of coffee and tea options. Grab a book or your friends and come stay a while.

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We aren't actual brothers.

Bobby K Russell -  Instagram
He hates hard boiled eggs more than anything. He still sometimes works as a freelance photographer and musician, but most of the time you can find him complaining about his 1972 BMW R75/5 or wishing he never sold his 1976 Husky WR360. He wears white pants because Steve McQueen did.

Jared Erickson - Instagram
A color blind graphic designer for the past decade he spent his free time wrenching on old 4x4s. After getting his first bike (1969 Honda CB350) he quickly got the motorcycle itch. Jared now runs the day to day operations and tries to make his 1 mile commute as exciting as possible. 

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