Support Us

because of local zoning laws
we have been forced to move

Brother Moto - East Atlanta motorcycle co op. Closed.

All we ever wanted to do was build a welcoming environment for the people of our community to come work with their hands, share ideas, learn, and equip themselves for the open road.

Since opening the doors in March we have over 150+ members! Nothing makes us more happy than seeing strangers become friends and someone intimidated by working on their bike start to dig their own hands into customizing or repairing a bike for the first time.

Why does Brother Moto need support you ask? The city of Atlanta and more specifically a few lead people of East Atlanta Village has decided that we are not a good fit in this neighborhood. It’s a bummer for sure. We have poured a lot of time and money into fighting these city issues and for us to move and build out a new space is going to cost us even more money. There are a lot of politics involved, and rather than get bogged down in that mess, we have decided it’s high time we take King Elvis’ advice and TCB: Take Care of Business. We all shook up but let’s get to work.

Thanks so much for wanting to support Brother Moto during this transitional time. We could not have built this community without every single one of you. Seriously, near or far, you have subscribed to the idea that a community of bikers is better than a lonesome biker.

We thought about doing a Kickstarter, but then we thought: “Man. Kickstarters are lame, let’s just sell our own stuff to raise some money”

If you think Brother Moto is a really great concept and want to help us build out and open up our new location check out the “TCB“ collection. These are all really great items that are slightly more expensive than our normal fanfare. This is intentional because the proceeds go towards us moving into a new really rad space.