Little Badger - 1972 CB450

Brother Moto Custom CB450 Scrambler

1. a heavily built omnivorous nocturnal mammal of the weasel family, typically having a gray and black coat.  Badgers have rather short, fat bodies, with short legs for digging. They have elongated weasel-like heads with small ears.

We drug this Honda CB450 out of a hole in the ground and transformed it into something that screams and claws its way into back alleys and trails alike. The CB450 Badger was completely taken apart and rebuilt from the frame up.

Have you ever tried to ride a Badger?  All we will say it it's not all that easy unless you have good suspension, a suit of armor, and a way to bring the girl down from speed. This Little Badger was no different. Ohlns shocks and a GSXR front end make sure the ride is comfy and ends when intended. A C&C machined rear brake stop was fabricated alongside a shorty brake reservoir to complete the stopping system for this varmint. No set of wheels would be complete without the right claws. To grip the gnarliest of terrain, a new set of re-laced 18" wheels with Pirelli tires were selected to climb and clamor anywhere the Badger wanted to take us. 

The new top end, paired with the Benji's Cafe Racer stainless steal exhaust system, and mikuni carbs help to ensure that this Little Badger can jab, bite and scream with the best of them.

Old crusty Honda wiring had been chewed through clean, so a complete Moto Gadget system was installed to bring this bike up into 2015. Every. Single. Tiny. Wire. We love what the Moto Gadget has added for simplicity but we felt like you needed the hands of a Little Badger to cut, crimp and install these wires.

Those wires run to a headlight and PIA light on a custom made bracket that help ensure the nocturnal, creature would never be able to outrun it's own lights. While an equally as bright and beautiful Shop 102 rear tail light brightens up the rear end.  

This Little Badger ended up in the hands of a Texan. 

Brother Moto CB450 Scrambler - before

Brother Moto - 1972 CB450 Scrambler

Custom Cb450 Scrambler

Custom CB450 Scrambler

Custom CB450 headlight - scrambler

Lead Builder: Jared Erickson. 

Thanks to everyone who helped out on this project. It was truly the first Brother Moto build in the sense that a lot of the members of Brother Moto Stepped up to make this happen. We love you all, but some, more than others ;) . 

Special Thanks to:

Matthew Jones, Chad from Shop 102, Benji's Cafe Racer, Ross, Max, Evan, Lee, and Jerry

All Photos by Matthew Jones and Bobby K Russell.  ( The cooler ones are Matthew Jones :) )