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Why in the world are you giving this bike away for free?

Our goal for Brother Moto is  to create a welcoming space for those we are calling the "Moto Curious".  Are you Moto Curious? Maybe. Do you just like motorcycles but don't own one? Yes? Don't feel like a poser, you're Moto Curious. It's ok we started out there. Do you own a thousand rare Motorcycles including the first bike off the assembly line anywhere in the world? Yes? You're Moto-Curious too. The ultimate goal for Brother Moto is we plan on opening a fully outfitted shop for the DIY spirited. We know we can't do this alone and honestly we do not have the backing to do it ourselves. We built this CX in hopes to grow this business. That's why one lucky person out there will be getting this...

Heck, maybe even this could be your first bike. 

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