What are we doing?!

What are we doing?!

We were stoked and honored to be involved with #SmallBizLive, a musical experience to raise $$ for at risk small businesses impacted by COVID-19. ⁠

In March of 2020, we had to make the hard decision to shut our doors, sell off most of our equipment, and cut back our amazing team from 12 employees to 3 (still amazing, of course). We hope to maintain and build our online presence while we lock down our next space.

Watching this video brings back so many good memories (also reminds me how terrified I am of speaking to cameras). We look forward to a time we can all gather again! Until then, keep supporting the companies you want to see stick around.

Thanks Superfly for putting this all together.

We hope to see everyone in the near future. Keep an eye out and watch for motorcycles.