The Place We All Go

The Place We All Go

As we head towards our fourth year being open we are always looking for creative ways to update the space and incorporate art into our customers experience. Artist Cori Maass (Coral Monday) who is based in Los Angeles and Atlanta came into town and we got to work with her to create a window mural in our space that we are calling “The Place We All Go.”

Coral Monday artist Cori Mass blind contour drawing mural
Cori Maass

Although our community is centered around motorcycles, it has expanded into a place where all people can come and be connected whether they ride or not. We believe that “You don’t need to own a motorcycle to love Brother Moto” and we wanted to highlight some (of the many) individuals that make this space home.

Cori Maass mural coffee shop drawing

Cori Maass has worked with us previously when we created the mural in our bathrooms. (Have you taken a selfie with it? If not, you should try. It’s fun.) She also collaborated with us to create the Limited Edition “Smoke ‘Em” Tees that we released in January.

Tattoo Artist Joey Hill

Part of the creation of this mural happened during the Coral Monday event that we hosted at the beginning of the year. Los Angeles tattoo artist Joey Hill was inking Coral Monday pieces, we had Doggy Dogg serving up the best hot dogs in Atlanta, and our friend Tony from Side Car Press Co. live-printing the “Smoke ‘Em.” tees.

Sidecar Press - Brother Moto Atlanta event
Limited edition smoke em t shirt

Wood carving prints - sidecar press

smoke 'em limited edition tee

“The Place We All Go.” was fitting for this event because it was a time that the community could come and be a part of the installation that is now a permanent part of our space. A part of Cori’s art is minimal single line portraits which was the base of the concept for this piece. We had people stand in front of the glass while she painted their portrait.

After the event, we added more portraits to create the final Coral Monday mural. Each person represents a larger part of the Atlanta community that we are so grateful to be a part of and create a space for. Whether you like design, vintage motorcycles, good coffee, or just want a place to come and belong, Brother Moto is "the Place We All Go.”.

Brother Moto - the place we all go

Follow Cori on instagram at Coral Monday
Tattoos by Joey Hill
Live shirt printing by Sidecar Press

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