The builder you never heard about

The builder you never heard about


Most folks know this iconic chopper seen in the 1969 film Easy Rider. But can you name who built the iconic captain America bike?

Captain America chopper builder

Benjamin F. Hardy and coordinator Cliff Vaughn remain largely unknown and uncredited for 25 years as they were not accepted due to being African-Americans, and were not welcomed into the mainstream motorcycle world here in the USA.

Benny Hardy - chopper builder

We believe it's time to spread the word on the behalf of Benny and Cliff. Benny never managed to profit what he deserved from the fame that Easy Rider should have brought him. Neither did Vaughs actually. The Captain America bike sold for $1.35-million back in 2014 and The film made has made well over $60 million. Some men are okay just being part of history, let's just not forget them.

Video clip taken from “History of choppers”.


  • ES

    Thank you for posting some truths about that particular movie and motorcycle culture.

  • Moto Miria

    I’m proud of these two men! I’m thankful you posted this article. Yes, they should have been paid for their contributions and that’s sad. I love motorcycles.

  • Ian Schmeisser

    Thanks for posting this, really enjoyed it. Don’t know any answers, just wish that motorcycling had seen past any perceived differences.

  • William Kasapidis

    Ben Hardy is a legend! Never knew his story. Thank you Mr. Hardy for those really cool bikes and your contribution to the motorcycle culture. Just shared this with my friends on Facebook

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