Members Profile: Zac Till

Members Profile: Zac Till

zac till - Atlanta motorcycle - no parking

What do you do for a living or when you are not riding motorcycles?

I'm currently a student at Georgia State University pursuing a major in Computer Science. I also work part-time as tech support for a fairly large "fruit" company. I work nights mostly so it's a pretty cool job considering I'm going to school at the same time.

zac till - kz400 cafe racer

What do you do for fun?

Playing pinball and riding my bike are two things I love doing for fun. Pinball attracted me for the same reason motorcycles did. Being able to just zone out and enjoy something I love and have a passion for. More than anything are the communities for both of these hobbies. They welcome anyone with open arms and make you feel at right at home.

zac till - playing pinball at joystick in atlanta

How long have you been riding motorcycles?

I've been riding motorcycles for right around two years. I was getting bored playing video games all the time and just went and took the class. After that I was hooked.

Zac till - KZ400 cafe racer

How many motorcycles do you own?

I have one motorcycle, a 1975 Kawasaki KZ400. I bought it in upstate Michigan with just under 2600 original miles. I couldn't have asked for a better first bike. Not only has it been great to learn to ride on, but also the ins-and outs of these machines and how to work on them.

Do you have a favorite motorcycle or one that you gravitate towards?

Growing up around old cars, vintage bikes have always attracted me. The KZ is my dream bike. It has that old cafe look but remains fairly stock with a few modern improvements. However, I think I'm starting to grow out of it a bit. On the group ride we were going pretty fast and my bike was screaming just to keep up. I'm looking at a Suzuki DR650 because they are just solid bikes and can go some distance. Being able to take a ride back up to Michigan is something I'm really looking forward to.

kz400 cafe racer

How did you get involved in Brother Moto?

My better half works for Jared's better half so I've been hearing about BroMo for quite some time. I was lucky enough to be in the city for the opening right before I moved down. Meeting friends and seeing everyone come together was really something special. After that I brought the bike down and joined up.

Would you recommend Brother to anyone?

I'd definitely recommend Brother to anyone with the slightest inkling about motorcycles. The amount of knowledge and friendship I've gained from Brother (especially since I'm fairly new to bikes and the city) has been incredible. If your someone who is the slightest bit moto-curious, stop by an event and just say hi. You'll have a blast.