Member Profile: John Robbie

Member Profile: John Robbie

What do you do for a living at the moment?
Currently I am working as a small project manager for a Residential Construction builder, but I have been building bicycles on the side for a very long time. Off and on I have worked at bike shops off and on for the past nine years.

How did you get into Bicycles?
People always ask me that but to be honest I never really got out of bicycles. You know Like every other kid, I was always into riding bikes and just never stopped. As I got older I realized I really liked not only riding the bikes with my friends but also working on them and tuning them as well. 

Do you feel like your love for motorcycles evolved out of your love of bicycles? 
Absolutely. I love bikes, motorcycles, cars, anything like that ever since I could remember. So for me it is all one and the same. I love them all.

I know that you have a dual sport as your main commuter , do you think that also ties back to the idea of the kid in you never growing tired of riding a bicycle? 
Yeah! So as a kid I always really enjoyed the adventure of taking a bicycle both off and on road. I love riding mountain bikes, and dirt bikes, so for me it seemed like the dual sport was the next step in that progression. That’s why I love my Husqvarna Motorcycle.

How did you hear about Brother Moto and get involved here?
I met you guys back around the time that you had your first event. I met Jared’s wife and we talked about what you guys were doing and it seemed to escalate from there.

Would you recommend Brother Moto to anyone? What has been your favorite part about Brother? 
I think for me I always grew up with access to a shop. Whether that be my Dad’s shop or a bike shop that I worked at, I have always had a space to work on my own things. So for me it seemed like such a great concept when you presented the idea that we could all work in the same space together. Having somewhere we can get together in the city and work on things together has been great. 100% I love the concept but also the community. It’s just been awesome.

Photos by Kate Lamb - give her a follow on instagram