Kings Blood

Kings Blood

CB350 - Lady Fingers ATL



“the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.”

Father and daughter motorcycle ride

Spending the day taking photos with King and Frances Shaw, you quickly gain the sense that the pair embody more than the first definition given by the dictionary as it pertains to relationship.

A more fitting alternative definition of the bond they share as a relationship would be; “the reaction connecting or binding participants: a Kinship.”

father daughter motorcycle ride

King is a 65 year old father of three, with a generous smile, calming demeanor and certain flare that is not obtrusive or contrive. He also carries himself as a natural extension of a man who enjoys life. Frances, is a 27 year old member of local motorcycle girl gang: the Lady Fingers. She has a genuine and friendly quietness, and is the only girl between an older and younger brother. She shares the same generous smile, and calm demeanor as her father, King.

Father Daughter motorcycle ride

You would think the two riding together would be an unlikely pairing, but for them riding together has merged Frances and King’s life outlook on life into the same trajectory. Evolving from just an activity to do together, into a growing bond that affords for a place of support, discovery, and freedom.

king of the road

Atlanta Georgia Woods


 "our relationship shifted to two adults that enjoy the same thing versus father daughter dynamics..." - King Shaw

cb350 closeup

When searching for a motorcycle Frances called up King to ask for his expertise on motorcycles. She remembers calling her dad and asking if he would come and take a look at a Honda CB350 with her. King responded by asking “If I say “no” are you going to get this bike anyways?”

[Frances] “yes”

Vintage Rusty Yamaha Enduro


Story and photography by Bailey Garrot & Justin Weaver