How to make the perfect Coffee Cola

How to make the perfect Coffee Cola

Howdy, and welcome to Brother Moto at home! While you’re stuck inside, We are going to show you how to make our classic Atlanta based drink "The Hometown" right in your living room. 

What you will need:

  • A glass ( duh )
  • Vanilla syrup ( See below for our recipe )
  • Water
  • Ice ( That's frozen water )
  • Coca-Cola Classic ( Try the real cane sugar stuff - NO PEPSI ALLOWED! )
  • Iced coffee ( We chose Local Radio Roasters Tremolo  for this video )

ONE: Add ice. More ice!
TWO: ½ oz. that sweet vanilla nectar 
THREE: 1oz. real genuine water.
FOUR: 4 ½ oz. Coca-Cola Classic 
FIVE: Stir that real good. By stirring we are mixing the ice with all the liquids. That melts the ice, helping dilute the hometown but also chills it out.
SIX: 3oz Iced Coffee

Mix that in.

For a quarantine variation:
Take that glass of ice
Add 4.5 oz. coke
½ oz. that sweet vanilla nectar
Maybe hold that water…
Then a generous helping of your favorite brown liquid... We mean whiskey.
And a little more

Now that’s good!

Want to represent? Grab the Hometown tee ( Returning soon )

Brother Moto Atlanta - Hometown


Make your own vanilla syrup.
Combine to 250g. sugar and 250g. very hot water. Stir until this until dissolved. Add on teaspoon vanilla extract, the good stuff, non of that artificial “vanilla flavor” stuff. If you have it, throw in some vanilla seeds. If not, you’re normal. No one normal keeps vanilla beans around.

Music “Cruisin” by Michael Dean