Brother Moto Build 003: Progress

Brother Moto Build 003: Progress

When Royal Enfield approached us about converting the Continental GT into a street scrambler that the weekend warrior builder could replicate in their home garage we were elated. This gave us an opportunity for the next Brother Moto build to invite members of our community motorcycle garage in on the process and think through what would give us the most bang for our buck to change the look of this already really fun motorcycle. 

Jared Erickson took the lead on this project and helped coach our members on how they could all pitch in. It was decided to not focus on changing the performance of the GT, but rather remove weight, and change the exhaust to help get just a little boost out of the Continental. Since we wanted this build to feel like something a novice could do with tools mostly found in their own garage, this gave us some fun constraints to work with.

Jared worked on a nice mockup, so with a new found direction, we set out to build number 003. Here are just a few photos of our journey to make the RE new again.  Check back next week to see even more progress and maybe even a few videos

Beginning to strip the Royal Enfield Continental GT 


Paint stripping the GT yellow in order to make way for the chrome tank. 


The GT Frame stripped, mocked and ready for paint.


Stripping parts for powder coat


First Mock up