2019 Victory Moto Show

2019 Victory Moto Show

This year was the 3rd annual Victory Moto Show down in Savannah, Georgia - and you know we wouldn’t miss it for the world! Started by our good friend Anna Heritage and hosted at Service Brewing, Victory Moto Show puts on an event that celebrates community, beautiful bikes, and donates proceeds to the Motorcycle Relief Project - an organization that supports therapeutic motorcycle adventures for veterans and first responders. 

This year we had a handful of members with bikes in the show, many of which were put together in our garage over the past year. Here are just some of those awesome builds that were selected to display at this years event!

Earlier this year Nate (@gnat_kell) picked up a ’72 Harley Davidson Ironhead 1000. We’d see him in the shop just about every day wrenching on that thing and were stoked to hear it fire up the first time he got it running. When asked about the bike, Nate simply said “never ever build an Ironhead, and I live by that”.

Sam (@candlervintagecycle) acquired this ’83 Maico 490 Sand Spider from his former father in law who used to race it back in the day. It stayed and raced in the family before Sam ended up getting his hands on it. When he got the bike it had been sitting for years with the top end off, due to being over revved. The piston was scarred and had to be replaced. Also general maintenance - new chain, sprockets, new reproduction plastics, and a bunch of other stuff. The goal was to get the bike back to running and riding shape. New decals too. According to Sam - “I chose to display number 96 because that was my former father in law’s number when he raced back in the day. Anyone who raced or rode dirt bikes back in the 80s instantly recognizes it - and as one gentleman put it at the show… that was a bad motherf***er when it came out.  Turns out it’s still a bad motherf***er today.”

Joe (@makerofthings) turned his ’02 Kawasaki ex250r into a beautiful machine he calls “Quarterstack” - which currently lives on display in our shop. It’s actually the 3rd version of this bike he tells us… “Back at Barber Vintage Fest a couple years ago - I had just finished building the 1st version. I was super nervous about showing the bike and right before it was time to display it, it wouldn’t start. I ended up having to push it up the hill to the cafe show. Turns out a tropical storm happened to be rolling through, which ended up cancelling the show not an hour after I got it up there. I then decided it was cursed and vowed to rebuild it haha.”

Caleb (@caleblegerswiney) bought his ’72 CB350F in the Summer of 2017 for just $350! And it didn’t take him too long to finish either, just over a year for a full rebuild ain’t bad when the bike originally looked like this…

Here’s what he had to say about the build…

“I’ve always liked working on bikes, but until this build I had never done a full rebuild or custom. I picked the CB350F for two reasons. First, I like weird and uncommon bikes and the small four cylinder 350 motor definitely fit the bill. Second, I knew I wanted a bike that was in bad shape so it would be cheap and not a good contender for a stock restoration. I did all the engine and carb work, painted everything myself, and rewired using an M-Unit. The Brother Moto garage and community was a big factor and definitely helped me finish the build. Before bringing everything to Brother, I was cleaning and putting parts together in a 7th floor apartment in downtown Atlanta…"

Lastly, we decided to do a fun little build of our own for this years show. Channeling the coastal vibes from the city of Savannah, we decided to put together a surf scrambler, with some beach friendly mods.

We started with a mostly stock ’72 Honda SL350. This bike had completed 2 Vintage 1000’s and was just recently jumped through a ring of fire. Now it was time to make this thing beach ready! We sourced an old surfboard and cooler - both of which were in need of some refreshing and painted to match the bike. A pre-fab surfboard rack was installed on the bike and our cooler was mounted on the rear hoop and sat in the trunk position. A cup holder and beach chair mount were also added for the experience. Life’s a beach, ride a motorcycle! 

Some other awesome bikes and builds were on display, making for another great show! 

We hope to see you there next year!