Better Late Than Never

Better Late Than Never

For every time we found ourselves sitting down at a computer to update our journal an equal and opposite force would soon pull us away back into something “too good to pass up” and as such we apologize for leaving this so short changed.

It’s hard to imagine that at this point our trip has reached the halfway point. Our days have come and gone so quickly and so have the stories and people we have met thus far.

And although it is safe to say we have enjoyed all of our time on this trip not all days are created equally. We loved riding through the desert of New Mexico in the rain just as much as we loathed it when the rain stopped. Being taught to how to properly jump off of 40 foot bridges into Colorado glacier water would be impossible to forget, and so would “Uncle Dick” and his stories of his 1941 Indian motorbike. Riding into Las Vegas at 4AM and staying out until 6AM was... questionable. California hospitality and hangs have been on par with our Southern roots and the weather has obviously been proverbial.

We look forward to riding up the PCH today and hope to update this more often.

We can’t tell you how much of a dream this has been for us and love all the people we are getting to meet and see on this trip.

until next time - B