Member Profile - Ash Grimes

Member Profile - Ash Grimes

Ashley (Ash) Grimes Atlanta - Cafe Racer girl

How long have you been riding motorcycles?
Well, I have been riding dirtbikes since I was a little kid. All of the helmets that I used to wear were all way to big for me and never fit, but I used to ride out in the country and it was what we used to do for fun. I bought my first street motorcycle about 5 years ago.

Ash ( Ashley ) Grimes - Brother Moto Atlanta Member

I actually did not know that about you. Did you have family members that were really into motorcycling? Or was it something you were drawn to?
No not at all! I mean I may have had family members somewhere that rode but my grandmother raised me and since I was around an older generation none of them really rode. It was just always something that I was in to and since we were in the country I was around a lot of people that rode dirt bikes and 4Wheelers. When it came time for me to start getting into real motorcycles, it was such an easy transition from my dirt biking days. You know except for having to learn how to dodge cars.

GT125 Two Stroke

So I have seen you ride around on a few different bikes now, do you have a favorite motorcycle or one that you gravitate towards?
Yeah of course! Well right now I have a 1973 Suzuki GT185. It’s a little two stroke and was my first motorcycle. On top of that, I also have a 1972 CB450. I would say of the two my Suzuki is my favorite. It’s so much fun to ride around town as a two stroke. The only thing I have ever had to do in the time I’ve had it is swap out spark plugs every now and then.

My CB450 is great too but it seems to have more issues and it has not been as reliable to me so I don’t ride it as much.

Suzuki GT185 Two Stroke Cafe Racer

Nice! Will how did you get involved in Brother Moto?

I honestly heard about you guys through some friends. I heard that you guys seemed like you were young, really nice, and full of great ideas. Being a women rider you know I was always afraid of places that I felt like I couldn't ask questions since the motorcycle community can be really small. So there was not anything like this in the city and I wanted to be around good community and work on my bikes. You guys just seemed like you were not closed minded or closed off. Honestly I never felt like I was just a woman working on a motorcycle, I felt like I was just as much a part of this community as anyone else. I never thought about my gender at all. Brother Makes me feel so welcomed.

I love hearing that, you are too kind to us.
I also know that when I was looking for gear I could come to you guys too! A lot of the motorcycle gear out there for women has pink flowers on it and is not really my style. You guys carried a bunch of the stuff I loved that was good quality and fit my style.

Ash Grimes - GT185 Cafe Racer chick

I know too in Atlanta there is a great group called the Lady Fingers that you are a part of. Is there anything you want to add about them and what they are all about?
Yeah! I buddy of mine named Mark tagged me on something on Instagram about a photo of these women riders here in Atlanta. I thought it was so cool that these women were riding vintage bikes like me and seemed to have really great style too. So I met up with them on one of their rides and I was really nervous on if I was going to have anything in common with these ladies, but they were so welcoming and excited to have me as a rider. It was just such a good experience. I could sit here all day and say all the positive things in the world about the Lady Fingers and it would not be enough. We love getting new women riders on bikes.

Last question here: What do you do for a living or when you are not riding motorcycles?
Well I currently work at Rias Blue Bird here in Atlanta. I love it a ton. Its an amazing job and a very progressive open minded restaurant. I've worked here for awhile now and still love it. I also love hanging out with my dog Lucious he was a rescue dog and he is my best friend. I love him so much, he is loyal and has been there since I moved out on my own. If I could build a perfect dog, it would not even come close to what he has been to me. Hopefully soon I can get another bike and have a sidecar for him to start coming on moto adventures with me. 

You can follow Ash's adventures on Instagram @xittybittyx