Member Profile - Frankie

Member Profile - Frankie

Triumph Scrambler - atlanta

We met Frankie for the first time outside of a coffee shop in East Atlanta on an old Airhead. He had an R75 that he had just got back on a cross country trip on. He did the whole thing with an open face helmet and he looks like he could be straight out of the movie Grease. He’s since grown to be a great friend of Brother Moto and one of our first members.

Frankie Gallo - Atlanta

What is it that you do for a living.

I work for Triumph Motorcycles in North America, specifically I run all of their social media channels. So managing all of our online presence and brand.

Is this the first time you’ve done social media for a large company like this? It seems like that would be a really fun dream job. 

This is the first time I have worked in full time social media. There have been a few start-up companies in Atlanta that I did part time social media for a little while. I also got to work in LA for a motorcycle lifestyle brand for a little while running their online presence as well. It’s now defunct but It was a ton of fun to work with them and learn a lot along the way. 

How did you get involved with Brother Moto here in Atlanta? 

I guess I saw some internet stuff going on. You know I saw that there was a community motorcycle garage opening up in Atlanta and I had never heard of anything like that before. So I went to this opening party you guys had and you guys threw this party in a space that you were not even going to be in. I was a bit bummed that this was not the spot you were going to be in and with that party I thought that this was going to be just a bunch of hipster motorcycle crap. But when you guys moved into your real shop the more I hung and saw what you guys were trying to do, the more that I believed in Brother Moto.

Frankie Gallo - Triumph Scrambler

Do you still feel like it’s just a bunch of hipsters hanging out? 

(Laughs) I mean some people would think that I’m a hipster you know? But really I think it’s quite an eclectic group of people. There’s guys that ride adventure bikes and there’s guys that ride scooters and there’s guys that ride harley choppers. I think that’s a lot of the fun and why I like being a part so much. 

What bikes do you have? Where do you fall into that mix? 

Currently I still own my BMW R75/6. I love it a ton because it’s the first year they made the /6 model of BMW. It’s kind of a hodge podge between the /5 and /6 and I love that. It’s the long wheel base model and the first BMW bike I’ve ever owned. It’s also the only vintage motorcycle I've ever owned that I swore I would keep forever. I also own a 2015 Triumph Scrambler at the moment.

Triumph Scrambler - cafe racer

How are you liking that in comparison to the BMW? 

To be quite honest at first I hated it. It felt like a sewing machine. I've never had a modern bike before so it was a bit of a culture shock at first, but now I love it so much. I don’t regret it at all and it’s just nice to know that I have this bike that’s always ready to ride. I’m freed up to work on a project bike if I need to. This bike is my old faithful for the moment. 

The thing I love the most about this scrambler for you, is that you actually take this scrambler off road and get it really muddy. 

Yeah! I’m not afraid to take it off road. I mean it’s my first brand new motorcycle, and really the first brand new thing I have ever owned in my life. I was not OK with it being this clean so me and a couple of other dudes took this thing out into the mud and ripped it for a full day. I was not expecting it to perform as well as it did, but honestly it held it’s own with the other dual sports in dirt. 

Frankie Gallo - Triumph Scrambler - Atlanta - Brother Moto Member

Frankie Gallo

Frankie Gallo - Triumph Scrambler

Last question I always like to ask is what do you do outside of motorcycles.

I’ve been really into anything that has wheels and goes fast my whole life. So if you don’t see me on a motorcycle you can see my on a bicycle. Whether that’s riding around town getting ice cream, or training for a race I love being on two wheels. I love daily adventures with friends, camping and exploring Atlanta. I’m always moving and always trying something so I would always love to find something out of my comfort zone.