MX5000 Vintage Race

MX5000 Vintage Race

We recently had the opportunity to head down to middle Georgia for the MX500 race.  We were told Middle GA is somewhere the sun stays out a little bit longer, the flies are a little bit larger, and the MX courses are just a little bit more fun, and man was all that true!

We had an absolute blast watching the Prism Moto crew, Atlas Motorworks friends and Speed-deluxe family absolutely shred this event. Although our team was unable to even place in any event ( especially on our stock CB350 that we took down the woods courses and MX track ) we did have an absolute blast hanging with friends.

MX5000 Vintage Motorcross Race Georgia 

MX5000 Vintage motorcross Georgia

MX5000 Georgia vintage motorcross

MX5000 SR500 vintage motorcross - Mark

MX5000 vintage motorcross race jump Georgia

MX5000 Chastin Brand XT500 vintage motorcross table top jump

MX5000 Atlas Moto -  Art Arcinas motorcross racing

MX5000 broken front end

MX5000 Georgia vintage flat track racing